All men are created equal, then a few become FIREMEN.


Two days of training at Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services Jayanagar station. Never knew so much about these brave men until yesterday and the risks involved in their job 🤔

An actual 6 months training cut into bite sized pieces to cover in 2 days specially for our company. Yet, a goldmine information.

One and half days of in-class training defining fire, types, causes of fire, methods to prevent/fight fire, equipments used to fight fire etc. Then, the demonstrations for half day.

All these days it was just in the mock fire drills at office campus, we got to see these excercises. Witnessed it for the first time inside a fire station and learnt how to use fire safety equipments that are installed in all high-rise residential and commercial buildings/premises.

Also saw these brave men demonstrating how they fight fire and emergency situations.

Hats off to all Firemen👏🙏

What you can do in case of a fire in the workplace?

Raise the Alarm – Anyone discovering a fire should raise the alarm immediately, regardless as to how small the outbreak is. Fires can develop very quickly and every second counts.

Evacuate – Evacuation should be prompt and calm, with everyone making their way to the designated assembly point. Always, look out for any pregnant women, disabled colleagues and help them to evacuate.

Do not stop to collect any personal belongings. Your life is more important than your belongings and never use lifts in the event of a fire – this is because the lift could stop working, trapping you inside. Instead use the Stairs.

Get to the Assembly Area – Once you have exited the building, everyone should meet at the designated assembly area. A headcount should be performed, making sure that any visitors are accounted for.

You should not re-enter the building until told to do so by an attending Fire Officer.

What if you are trapped inside?

  • Try and get to a room with a window.
  • Never jump from a window.
  • Make sure to throw down some materials onto the ground outside and call for help.
  • If your clothes ever catch fire, don’t run around as this will fan the flames; instead, Stop, Drop and Roll

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